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Welcome to Safaria Export! Explore the website and discover the products and services our company provides. For an overview of our services, please refer to the Services section.

We also provide a variety of small animals like cockatiels, lovebirds, canaries, budgerigar, finches, rodents and rabbits. We have these species in stock all year around. If you have any questions about Safaria Export, our merchandise, the pricing or the animals do not hesitate to contact us.


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Help To help you find everything you need and navigate smoothly through the site, we've added some functions. The menu on the left, is divided in categories and will take you to our products. Beneath those you have Search database for exploring our products, a Roadmap to locate us and contact us to send us your questions or requests.

On top of the page you see another menu, Services gives an overview of all our merchandise and contains all additional information about it, click on About us to learn more about Safaria Export. For your convenience we've added Search here, which is the same as Search database below on the left. Finally, if you need some help to use the search function or how to navigate just click Help.


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