How to navigate through the website

Navigating smoothly through the site is not a hard thing to to, but for those who are not very familiar to the internet here's a quick guide. The menu on the left of the page, is divided in 10 categories and will take you to our products.

When you click on one of these 10 categories some of them will pop-up a new menu. This menu contains the sub categories. The sub menu will stay open until you click on one of the sub categories, or in order to close you must click somewhere next to the sub menu. You can also click on the category you opened to close the sub menu.

Looking for the start page? Click on the logo in the top left of the page.
Using the search function

Before you start Working with Search Database let's take a look at a few things. How do you use the Search :

1.) Choose a specific category
2.) Choose in which section you would like to search :
  • Description : by typing in a word ( Sint Bernard, dog, cat, reptile... )
  • By product ID : type in it's product ID.
3.) How many matches a page? 5, 10 or 20?
4.) Decide how a description should be interpreted :
  • Matches on all words : this means you have to read AND between each word. For example you search for "dog cat", the searchresult will give all items that have "dog" AND "cat" in their description. Capitals don't matter.
  • Matches on any word : this means you have to read OR between each word for example you search for "dog" OR "cat", capitals don't matter.
  • An exact phrase match : This searches for an exact match. For example you search for "cat dog". The search result will give all items that have "dog cat" in their description. Capitals don't matter.
5.) Fill in the word, product or ID your looking for and press Search.
Navigating through the search results

When you pressed the search button and some results where found, it could be that there are multiple page's of results. In the blue header on your right you will see PREVIOUS and a NEXT, you can use this in order to change to the NEXT or PREVIOUS results page. An other way to go to the next page is to click on the numbers in the blue header, on the bottom of your page.
If you have any further questions please contact us
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